The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

It is possible that this is not the first January in which you propose to lose weight for the new year and, however, you do not achieve it. Sometimes we find ourselves doing all the things that are supposed to be done and, still, our scale does not seem to want to collaborate with us. Or, at best, the first few weeks lose some weight, but then we recover them and we do not know why.

The reality is that, as far as diets are concerned, we still have a tendency to try to lose weight on our own. It can also happen that we go to an unsuitable professional and end up offering generic diets that do not work for us. Unfortunately, traditional diets tend to recommend a series of foods that do not work to lose weight and restrict others that are necessary. Therefore, it is important to know what foods we are wrong when we put on a diet.
One of the things that we most commonly do when we go on a diet is to change all the usual products of our refrigerator for others that are 0% or light. In this way, yoghurts, butter, jams, and anything else that comes to mind, becomes 0% in our lives.

The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight
The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

Unfortunately, a product that is low in fat does not mean that the amount of sugar it contains is low or that it helps us lose weight. In the specific case of 0% yogurt or skimmed flavors, the amount of sugar is higher than in normal natural yogurt. In addition, those that contain sweeteners can affect our palatability, causing us more desire to eat sweet.

The turkey breast of chicken or turkey is one of the great stars of many diets. It is not uncommon to see people taking this food to snack or to eat mid-morning, because they are trying to lose weight. The reality is that this type of processed products may not contain a high amount of fat, but contain added sugar in significant quantities.

Not only that, but they also contain flavor enhancers, which can increase our feeling of hunger. This product is comfortable and eye-catching, but the reality is that it will help us lose weight. The best way to eat turkey or chicken is by using fresh chicken breasts.

The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight
The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

If we take a look through the supermarkets – or we see ads on a regular basis – we will find many of these fitness cereals or 0% in the offer of commercial cereals. The premise behind them is that they help maintain the line because they are low in fat and, in addition, cereals. What could go wrong.

However, by observing the ingredients of these cereals we find significant amounts of added sugar between them. In addition, they are made with refined flours, which does not help our satiety. In short, when consuming this type of cereals we will be consuming large quantities of free sugars and, in addition, shortly afterwards we will feel hungry again. They are not, in any case, a good option to lose weight.
In the most radical cases some people can go to substitute bars to try to lose weight eating this type of bars instead of normal food. Not only is this dangerous because of the number of nutrients necessary for our well-being that we are not consuming, but also, it does not work.

This type of bars contain large amounts of added sugars, in addition to being an ultraprocessed product that, in some cases, are made with unhealthy oils such as palm oil.

How many surimi sticks have you consumed to dine “lighter” and consume fewer calories? Surimi is also known as crab sticks, but the reality is that crab has little. What we find in the production of surimi is minced fish meat and washed several times to obtain the texture of these sticks.

The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight
The 11 key foods that we are using badly to lose weight

The fish used is not usually of the best quality, but until then it would not be so problematic if it were not because the mixture is added salt, starch, vegetable oils, condiments and, of course, sugar. Consuming this food may be boycotting our diet.
Juices are one of the most common forms of fruit consumption that exists. The idea is to consume fruit in a different way and, being fruit, it can be complicated to understand that it is a food that boycott our diet.

The culprit is the modification that suffers the sugars naturally present in fruits, when we make juice of the fruit and separate them from the fiber present in the skin and in the pulp of this. This means that the healthy and naturally present sugar of the fruit ends up becoming free sugar when it is made into juice and, therefore, it is not too healthy. One of the consequences is that juices can make us gain weight instead of losing it.
This is another of the complaints that we usually fall into when we go on a diet. This type of cookies seems much healthier and lighter than normal cookies. However, as in the case of the other cookies, they are ultraprocessed products – associated with weight gain – with many added free sugars, refined flours and trans fats.
It is possible that, if you have ever had a diet, you may have been advised not to consume bananas because they have a lot of fructose which, presumably, would make you fat. Indeed, bananas contain fructose – although not necessarily more than other fruits -. However, what they also contain are fiber that helps us to metabolize the fructose naturally present in the banana and, therefore, does not pose any problem.

I am a big avocado fan so I have had to listen to how bad it is that I eat so much avocado because, and I quote, “it is pure fat and that makes me very fat”. Luckily for me – and for the rest of avocado fans – the fat content it has is polyunsaturated. This type of fat, specifically, not only are not related to weight gain, but can help reduce our fat accumulation.

The idea, therefore, is not to get rid of any type of fat, but to abandon the consumption of trans fats and replace them with healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fats that can be found in avocados, virgin olive oil, seeds or some fish.
As in the case of fats, you have to put all the carbohydrates in the same bag. Therefore, it is more than possible that it is recommended to reduce the consumption of whole grain meals and cereals, such as oats, rye, etc. As in the case of oils, the key is to know how to choose.

In the case of whole grain flours and whole grain cereals we find complex carbohydrates that not only do not cause us to get fat, but are much healthier and have less fat storage and feel more satiated. Therefore, if we are going to avoid some type of hydrate that is simple, but not complex.

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