Top nine foods rich in potassium

foods rich in potassium

foods rich in potassium

Potassium is one of the most popular minerals of all, and it is not surprising, considering that it is one of the most abundant in our body. Among other things, this mineral contributes to the balance of fluids and fluids within our cells, but also outside them. That is why, to have a good hydration, potassium is absolutely necessary.

In addition, it is a necessary mineral for the processes of contraction and relaxation of our voluntary and involuntary muscles. That is why potassium helps us take care of our heart health and our blood pressure. This mineral also favors the control of our glucose levels and influences the synthesis of proteins. That is why it is important that we know the foods in which more potassium can be found and the best recipes to incorporate them into our diet.


Top nine foods with more potassium

The algae are the food in which more potassium can be found. Both dehydrated and dried algae contain large amounts of potassium. In some cases, this food may even have 1000 mg of potassium per 100 grams of food. The reality is that, for many of us, algae are still a novelty and we have not finished them in our diet. However, there are numerous recipes that can facilitate this work, such as the following that we propose. Thanks to the versatility of the algae we can make delicious seaweed salads with cucumber, or tuna poke salads and seaweed with avocado. We can also prepare bread recipes based on algae or even make spirulina shakes.

Pure defatted cocoa is not only a great help to enrich many of our healthy dishes and desserts, but it can offer us large amounts of potassium (around 800-1000mg in 100g of cocoa). That is why this can be a great source of this mineral for us and, besides, it is simple and fun to include in our diet.


From Vitónica we offer some delicious and healthy recipes to include pure cocoa in your diet, such as these chocolate, banana and oatmeal fitness pancakes, cocoa brownie and marshmallows or avocado truffles.
The dried fruits do not like everyone, but those who enjoy them will also be getting a great contribution of potassium, which is between 700 and 1000mg per 1000g. Among the dried fruits with the highest amount of potassium are the dried apricots, the peach or the apricot.

This food may seem complicated to include in our diet if it is not eating alone. However, we suggest some delicious recipes that will make it easier for you to enjoy this food. Among others, we can make loin of pork braised with prunes or energetic bars of dried apricots.
Maybe they are not the favorite vegetables of our children – and some older ones – but they are some of the ones that provide us with the most potassium. The cabbages can contain around 450mg of potassium per 100g, which makes them an important source of this mineral.

Sometimes we just cook them cooked and that can make their flavor too strong or we end up bored. Therefore we propose the following recipes that will be original and will make it easier for the youngest of the house to enjoy them. Our favorites are broccoli with peanuts, pumpkin seeds and brewer’s yeast, hake and broccoli meatballs, roasted cauliflower with spices, almonds and yogurt sauce or brussels sprouts and cider-roasted pumpkin with tangerine
Nuts and seeds are not only a source of extremely healthy fat, but also provide us with great amounts of potassium. Most of them offer us more than 400mg of potassium per 100g of product and the advantage they have is that they are very easy to include in our diet. Among those who contribute more potassium we find almonds, pine nuts or sunflower seeds.

foods rich in potassium
foods rich in potassium

Avocado is one of the fruits that has more potassium, besides being one of the best sources of healthy fat we can find. This fruit can come to give us 15% of the amount of potassium we need on a daily basis, so it is a great ally for our food.

One of the best parts of the avocado is that it is extremely versatile. Of course, we can include it in our salads, guacamoles and breakfasts, but we can also make stuffed endives with salmon, cheese and avocado, baked eggs on avocado with goat cheese, toast with avocado cream and cheese with marinated carrot and anchovies or wraps or rolls of egg whites with black beans, corn and avocado,

Both potatoes and sweet potatoes are around 400mg of potassium per 100g of product. The good thing about these foods is that, besides being very easy to incorporate into our diet, it is very easy to consume 100 grams of them. The main problem when cooking them is that we are used to eating them fried and it can be difficult to vary and not just cook or fry them.

For this reason, from Vitónica we recommend these recipes for baked potato chips and sweet potato, fitness potato omelette, sweet potato brownies and dates, or roasted sweet potato stuffed with quinoa and cheese.

When we talk about potassium the banana in the best known source. However, it is not the only fruit that gives us this mineral and we can also find it in figs and fresh grapes. These fruits contain around 200mg of potassium per 100g. The good thing about fruits like bananas is that it is easy to consume large portions, so the contribution of potassium will also be.

Many of us tend to eat them only by themselves, but we can include them in numerous recipes like these that we propose: crunchy fig salad, banana bread, red sage salad, grapes and pine nuts with grilled goat cheese, fitness bars of oatmeal and dried fruit or egg white, oatmeal and banana tortilla.

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