Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing thickness and price

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing thickness and price

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing thickness and price

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing millimeters in thickness and price Xiaomi has a wide range of products, but what also characterizes the brand is that each of the ranges is reaffirming characteristics and certain signs of identity that define them. We are seeing it in the laptops that are presented, and we have seen again in the contact of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, which looks on the stand of the brand at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

What are the signs of Xiaomi’s computers? Careful design and prices at adjusted prices, as we usually see in the rest of the manufacturer’s products. So, after Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air came this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with a surname that creates expectations of a more powerful product. We tell you our first impressions after touching him here at the Fira.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, video contact

Minimalism and aesthetic simplicity with last name Pro

What stands out most of the laptop at first sight is the construction: the chassis of the computer is made of aluminum for both the screen and the box, being in two tones (silver and lead). It transmits a sensation of quality, of being able to resist some mishap and not to be scratched or dented at the first change, although this would be seen with the use and testing it more thoroughly. Yes, the edges are finished in a very strict right angle that is too sharp , although on the other hand we do not usually grab a computer as we do with a mobile or tablet. What we see is that Xiaomi does not abuse the trick of thinning edges (it uses it, but more subtly and without looking for the bird’s beak form that we see in other equipment like the ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe) and maintains straight lines in all the edges, but it is also a fine laptop. We sell it as lightweight, and we can not say that it is not speaking about the 15.6-inch one, but it is solid and we do not have the feeling that we did with the lightweight LG Gram ( of plastic and 1.090 grams). It is not heavy, but we do not think that a priori stands out for its light weight (and yes for thinness).

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing thickness and price
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, making contact: a rival mass that attacks reducing thickness and price

The finish is matte and we do not have that magnet effect of fingerprints that other surfaces do, and the touchpad is integrated aesthetically with the chassis. The fingerprint reader (which we have not been able to prove) is inside the touchpad, which by the way has very good sensitivity both to the tap and the pressure. The screen has a fullHD resolution that does not fall short if our level of demand is medium . Good level of detail and contrast and an apparent good calibration, but what may fall short is in maximum brightness, although the test of fire would see how with direct light. It is not a touch screen, by the way, nor do we have a 360 degree hinge. As soon as this is a standard laptop, and they have not done a job in the use of the front as we saw yesterday with the new

Performance and software

As we saw in his presentation, Xiaomi opted for eighth-generation Intel processors (there are models with i5 and i7) and a graphics card with dedicated memory, the Nvidia GeForce MX150. We have been able to fidget for the moment the one that carries an i5 with 8 GB of RAM and this graphic card, although the equipment was with the factory software and disconnected from the network, so they have been somewhat more basic tests than we intended.
However, we can say that the computer has not shown any problems with fluency or closures, displaying multitasking and loading apps quite lightly. Good functioning of the webcam, which has an acceptable quality and holds well (within what these cameras give) the peculiar lighting of the room.

The ventilation grid is at the base, and the question is whether this favors the heating (being constantly covered). Neither is something that we can assess faithfully in these tests, since they are teams that, despite not running any heavy app, are continuously lit and being manipulated, and the base itself was somewhat hot (but within normal, it did not burn nor was it striking).

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro: trying to reach the most demanding for the lowest price

This Xiaomi laptop, perhaps because of the last name it carries, goes well in ports if we talk about 15.6 inches. HDMI, two USB 3.0 + two type-C (to use one as a power supply), audio jack and card reader. The chassis, in fact, is quite rushed considering that it ends up being little more than the diameter of the jack 3.5 mm. And the keyboard does not become integrated, but it stands out a little and the experience with it has been good, with a good level of pressure.
In general this Xiaomi laptop has given us a good impression, although unfortunately the Xiaomi Notebook Pro does not reach all markets (not Spain, among others). The interesting thing is also what it offers for that price, from 720 euros, especially good proposals from other manufacturers with similar configurations for a much higher cost.

We hope to have the opportunity to test it thoroughly as we did with the Mi Notebook Air, and put it to the test with the most demanding programs and uses. We will also be aware of if with the international expansion that Xiaomi is reaffirming with [the opening of its physical stores] (this Xiaomi laptop).

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